The “Patatas Bravas” are potatoes accompanied by hot sauce. In fact, its name comes from the spicy cayenne, which is essential in the sauce. Potatoes can be prepared fried, cooked in water, cooked in oil and even in some cases baked.

It is a typical dish of Spanish cuisine, although its origin is really from Madrid. It is usually taken as a cover, accompanied by a beer or a glass of wine, which will calm the spicy classic by which brave potatoes are known.

The origin of the dish comes from two Madrid establishments that currently no longer exist: La Casa Perico and La Casona. Much is said about which of the two places was really the creator of white potatoes, but about 1960 the tails to try this dish were mythical.

A curiosity about the “Patatas Bravas” is that the UN, over 2008, conducted a study on potatoes worldwide where it recognized that “Patatas Bravas” were a typical Spanish dish.

There is also a lot of controversy about the ingredients of this sauce. Basically they differ in two aspects. Those who defend the presence of tomatoes and others who think they should not wear it and that its color is due to the presence of paprika.