In the Elder King of the Wines we create new very creative and original recipes that you can love. Here we leave one of our specialties, sausage with apple delights.

To make this recipe you need black pudding, apple, phyllo, candied onion, zucchini, eggs and oil.

The first step is to cut the apple and prepare the phyllo dough by cutting it into rows. Once the apple is cut, we throw the black pudding on top and put another slice of apple and then wrap it in the phyllo dough.

To join the phyllo dough, to prevent it from falling apart, we spread the flame of the egg before frying it.

Finally, with the zucchini cut into slices, we put it on the plate until it is golden and prepare the dish, putting a layer of zucchini underneath and then the sausage delight with another layer of zucchini on top, decorating it with the candied onion.