The Fiestas de La Paloma in August are a great opportunity, not only to enjoy its complete program of activities, but also to enjoy traditional gastronomic dishes and delights that, although you can taste all year round, make more sense in these festive days .

Roman squid
The squid are, without a doubt, one of the star dishes of Madrid’s cuisine. The “calamari sandwich”, as they say in Madrid, became a classic of the gastronomy of the capital. Of course, in the Elder King of the Wines we are no stranger to it and in our tavern you can enjoy our Roman squid.

Callos a la madrileña
Although it is a winter dish par excellence, since it is served very hot, summer is also a good occasion to take it (perhaps in less quantities, due to its high caloric content). As an appetizer with a good vermout it sings very well for the holidays.

It is the protagonist par excellence of these parties. This lemonade is more similar to a sangria than a lemon soda, it is a careful recipe that survives over time. Ask for it at a place or receive it as an offering from the neighbors, it will be your maximum ally in these August holidays.

After so much dish rich in fat, you fancy something sweeter. An ideal option at these parties is the traditional wafer. With a cinnamon and lemon flavor, these typical Madrid sweets are offered by wafers dressed as chulapos, according to their traditional origin.