The Spanish proverb, who is very wise, has multiple references to happiness and gastronomy, such as that “a man is conquered by the stomach” or “Better bread with love, than chicken with pain”, “Eat bread, drink water and you will live a long life “and a long etcetera. Well, the truth is that since March 20 is celebrated the International Day of Happiness and we are very happy, we have thought that what better opportunity than this to talk about how we can be happier eating better.

Psychologists, psychoanalysts, politicians, thinkers, jurists, police and even mothers say so: “Be happy and eat partridges.” And man, the partridges are good (not enough to eat them every day), but happiness and food always go hand in hand.

And it turns out that it is not only because there are dishes that are good that provide immediate happiness, but also that foods have components that can, chemically, affect our state of mind.

For example, depression is related to chronic inflammation, and since meat is pro-inflammatory, it is advisable to reduce its presence on the menus of those who are prone to sadness. Experts tell us that to feed a good mood, this expert recommends incorporating spices daily to flavor dishes, as they are anti-inflammatory, and they recommend consuming blue fish at least twice a week, since it is rich in Omega 3 and also has great anti-inflammatory power.

And in addition to the properties of food, nutritionists such as Carmen Escalada and Andrea Marqués, from the European Medical Institute of Obesity, explain that to be happier and more animated, not only what you eat is important, but also how you eat it. In tranquility, good company, in a cozy place …

To improve our mood, Carmen Escalada, a graduate in nutrition and dietetics, and a postgraduate degree in clinical and sports nutrition, highlights the importance of consuming foods rich in magnesium, “a mineral that is directly involved in energy production, increasing our vitality.”

La cocina de la felicidad
Dark chocolate is a great food for happiness.

In this sense, he recommends taking pure cocoa powder for breakfast, dried fruits such as nuts, almonds or cashews at half-time, that is, between main meals, and legumes at least once a week.

Escalada points out that “we must also take care of the consumption of tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin, which will help us improve our emotional well-being by feeling calmer and more relaxed.”

“Some natural sources of tryptophan are red meat, milk, eggs, legumes and whole grains and, of course, dark chocolate, of which we can consume 1-2 ounces a day after lunch or dinner” , he assures.

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