Alcalá Street is one of the main arteries of Madrid (both in traffic and commercial activity), as well as being the longest street in Madrid. Its construction began in the early fifteenth century, making it the oldest street in Madrid.

Alcalá street is born in the very center of Spain, at kilometer zero of Puerta del Sol. Its route goes directly to emblematic places such as the Royal Customs House or the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. At the intersection with Seville Street we will find the Calatravas Church, it is highly recommended to visit it.

For much of the 19th century, Calle de Alcalá was known as Banker Street, as it was the center of financial power not only in the capital, but throughout Spain!

In addition, once a year the traditional festival of transhumance is celebrated, which consists in the claim of the shepherds to the use of the road as a ravine and we can see a large flock of sheep walking through the center of the capital.