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Our particular Ecce Homo matritense of the Berlin Park

Although it is not something that everyone knows, today we are going to share with you a curiosity of our forum that, in addition to historical, is fun.

Do you know the Berlin Park? Yes, that one, the one in Chamartín. Well, the park owes its name to the fact that it retains a piece of the famous and demolished Berlin wall. Long before the case of Ecce Homo was known (the one in which our dear Cecilia tried to restore a classic Renaissance painting of great value generating a totally unrecognizable version), a municipal employee did something similar with that rest and its graffiti, which were the originals of the Berlin Wall.

Underground tickets
Why didn’t you know that the vault of the Bank of Spain has an underground passage that connects it with the Plaza de la Cibeles? Well, do not worry, it is not something that is vox répuli. But surely you will be wondering what the purpose of this tunnel is. Well, it was designed as a security measure in case of theft to flood the vault containing the gold bars of Spain. There is no news that it has been used so far … It remains, although we do not know whether it is operational or not. We hope we never have to check it ;-).
The bear that is bear
It seems that the bear that is part of the shield of the Villa de Madrid is not a bear, but a bear … And it is not because it belongs to the LGTB collective, but because it is assumed that the seven stars that surround it are the components of the constellation of Big Dipper … And from there, your sex change ;-).

What would you say is the oldest building in Madrid?

Neither the house of the chimneys, nor the cathedrals, nor the churches … The oldest building in Madrid, which was not necessarily built in our city, is the Temple of Debod. It has more than 2000 years of history and it was a gift from Egypt to Spain for the participation of the Franco dictatorship in the UNESCO campaign to save the sanctuaries of Nubia.

Did you know that Madrid has the silver medal of some records in size?

Although there is no beach in Madrid, go, go … Madrid has the second largest fish market in the world, after Tokyo: Mercamadrid. The Plaza de Toros de las Ventas is the second largest in the world, after Mexico City. And, in addition, Madrid celebrates the second largest LGTBi pride on the planet, after San Francisco.

Do you know any more?