Madrid pastry is very rich, not only for its flavor but, above all, for the great variety of its specialties. Many of the recipes are typically Madrid, but if we go back to their origin, we can find out that in the beginning Arab delights are hidden, for example, as is the case with pestiños. Do you want to know which are the most prominent? Well here are some:


This is the quintessential candy of Holy Week and it is usual to take it anywhere in our country, although these slices of bread soaked with egg, milk or wine acquire their special touch in our region thanks to the honey with which they are covered.

The sardines of the carnival

This sardine-shaped dessert, completely edible, and whose main ingredient is chocolate. As the name implies, it is the official dessert of the carnival.


Named frying pan fruit for its elaboration process, these sweets of Arab origin are characterized because once they are out of the oil they bathe with abundant honey or sugar.

Bones of saints

These sweets are made with almonds, commemorate every November 1 All Saints Day. They are usually filled with yolk candy, but there is a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate or coconut.

Crowns of the Almudena

Created in the eighties, with the intention of honoring the patron saint of Madrid, the Virgin of Almudena. This bun is similar to the rosco de reyes in form and ingredients, however, they do not carry orange blossom water and replace their fruit ornaments with sour cherries, almonds, etc.

Many of them are made in El Anciano Rey de los Vinos seasonally. Ask us and we will be happy to share with you these and other dishes that are our hallmark.