If there is a summer drink with authentic Spanish knowledge, it is sangria. Gathering around a very cold pitcher of such a refreshing and delicious drink and having a few glasses is almost a ritual. There are not a few tourists who, as they arrive in Spain, have two things in mind: eating paella and drinking sangria.

Furthermore, sangria has a very particular history. The drink we know today is the result of mixing red wine with fruit, brandy, soda and spices. To serve it, add a lot of ice and accompany it with pieces of freshly cut fruit.

In fact, the origin of this leads us to the Roman empire, no less, where it was frequent to mix wine with other spices to achieve different and pleasant flavors. This drink was known as hippocras.

With the expansion of the Roman empire, the custom spread, although it was in the Iberian peninsula where it began to be known as “sangria” due to its intense red color.

It seems that it was in Andalusia, in the Middle Ages, where the cut fruit began to be added. Thus, with the addition of spices and fruit, the poor quality of some wines was considerably improved.

There are actually other sangria, such as the one that was prepared in France in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this case they used French grapes. Or in England, the so-called “Claret glass” prepared with red wine, brandy and spices.

As a curiosity, Americans are true fans of sangria, which is because at the 1964 World Exhibition in New York the Spanish pavilion offered it to visitors with impressive success.

And since when you arrive here you will already be wanting to savor a good sangria, we remind you that in El Anciano Rey we prepare it like no one else. What are you waiting to reserve your table?