And is that … it is Christmas in our beautiful city. Well, in Madrid and in the rest of the European cities. And the world … well, one half. The other half is celebrated, you know, on other dates.

And although you think there is still a while, the truth is that we have the celebrations just around the corner. The nougat is already on sale for quite some time, the polvorones already cram the pantries (well, some do not, because they are eaten before), and in some house the traditional Christmas tree or portal has already been put.

And how could it be less, the cities are decorated to receive, with their best face, a Christmas that will be great (they always are, much better than the previous ones). Madrid, in this podium, occupies a relevant place, because if the city is already, in itself, beautiful, adorned with Christmas lights is a spectacle.

So on Friday, November 22, the Madrid City Council will turn on the Christmas lights, which this year feature as a novelty ten illuminated nativity scenes in different neighborhoods and seven new fir trees.

At the moment it has been confirmed that there will be seven new fir trees: in Madrid Rio, the Plaza de Oriente, the street of Arturo Soria, Cardenal Cisneros, the Paseo del Prado, the surroundings of Atocha and the Plaza de Castilla, and they will repeat the traditional ones of Sol (which is already being installed before the eyes of the curious), from the Plaza Mayor, San Juan de la Cruz, Plaza Mayor or Colón.

In addition, there will be luminous nativity scenes in the six entrances of the Plaza Mayor, in the Puerta de Alcalá and in those of Toledo and San Vicente, in addition to the one that will be located in the viaduct of Segovia street.

Madrid will premiere new designs in the Plaza de Canalejas and the Carrera de San Jerónimo, the streets Atocha, Mayor and Montera, the squares of Cibeles and Neptune and the roundabout of Cuatro Caminos, while in iconic avenues such as the Gran Vía the landscape will be reissued bright last year.

Among the dozens of streets that will have light bulbs for Christmas, there are nine locations, such as the aforementioned streets of Atocha or the squares of Cibeles and Neptune.

In addition, for the first time they will wear chains – the light bulbs that adorn the trees of the capital – the boulevards and their roundabouts, the Plaza de Oriente or Calle Alcalá until Ventas, a formula that will also reach the streets of the 21 districts of the capital .

There will also be new cherry trees in the light in Legazpi Square, in Alonso Martínez, in Montalbán Street and in seven other locations between roundabouts and squares.

Come on, it will be all beautiful. And since the 22nd is Friday, we propose you not to miss it, go out to enjoy our wonderful city all decked out and in passing, you will come for The Elder King of the Wines to have a drink with us and to toast for Christmas. How about?