With January comes the rest of some parties that surely have been more than intense, and we love that it was like that (that’s what the parties are for !!). Of course, now it is time to recover, reorganize and return to normal. Of course, saving a little … Luckily we have the sales campaign, because if not, the January slope would be a little harder … But today we do not want to talk about the monetary cost, but the slopes of Madrid !

And the culinary excesses must also be burned, and if it is with a bike or running a little, better than better. Of course, if you are not fit, you better not dare with these slopes, lest we stay halfway …

Do you want to know what they are? There it goes!

  • WALK OF DELIGHTS. 2.2 km 53 m of unevenness. Difficulty 2/5.
  • ATOCHA STREET. 0.7 km, 28 m of unevenness. Difficulty 3/5.
  • AVENIDA DE MENÉNDEZ PELAYO. 2.1km 60m of unevenness. Difficulty 4/5.
  • STREET DOCTOR STREET. 1.6 km 60 meters of unevenness. Difficulty 4/5.
  • AVENUE OF PAUL CHURCHES. 0.75km 23m of unevenness. Difficulty: 4/5
  • AMBASSADOR STREET. 1.4 km 54 m of unevenness. Difficulty 5/5.
  • COST OF SAN VICENTE. 0.6km 32m of unevenness. Difficulty: 5/5.
  • SEGOVIA STREET. 1.2 km 66 m of unevenness. Difficulty 5/5.
  • VEGA COST. 0.4km 33m of unevenness. Difficulty: Out of category.
  • GASOMETER. 0.5km 50m of unevenness. Difficulty: Out of category.

One suggestion would be that you made a ranking for difficulty and were doing them one by one … well, if you do, tell us!

Happy January costs!