Some do not like it, and prefer tea or infusions, but if there is something characteristic of our country, and more specifically Madrid, it is that we love coffee. And besides, we do it very well: foreigners (of which we have many in our premises), know how to appreciate the aroma and flavor of this precious drink.

Well, as there are international and world days for all tastes, and we not only like coffee, but it is one of the favorite moments of the day for many of our clients (the “coffee” in the morning or the afternoon), today we did not want to miss the opportunity to dedicate a post to this precious delicacy, whose International Day is celebrated on October 1.

On October 1, International Coffee Day is celebrated. The idea of ​​this date arose with the intention of bringing together all the coffee producers of the world in a single holiday. The coffee producing countries did not take long to join the event and only in that first celebration 70 events took place in 35 nations of the world.

Surely you know that in Spain we drink coffee in more different ways than anywhere else in the world. In fact, those of us behind the bar sometimes have to take careful notes when a table comes, for example, because it is very rare that two coffees are the same.

A slight review (and we are going to leave a lot):

  • just coffee
  • American coffee
  • stained coffee
  • coffee with ice
  • cappuccino
  • long coffee, short milk
  • time coffee
  • carajillo
  • viennese coffee
  • Irish coffee
  • chopped up
  • coffee with milk
  • coffee with milk but … with foam
  • And a long etcetera…

But we did not want to let this post pass without telling you some curiosities about coffee that maybe you did not know:

  • Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.
  • Every day in the world approximately 3 billion cups of coffee are consumed.
  • The place where most coffee is consumed is in the Nordic countries.
  • The name coffee comes from the Arabic word “Qahhwat Al-bun”, which means “wine from the grain”.
  • In reality, the coffee bean is the seed of the fruit of the coffee tree, a tree that can grow up to 6 meters in height.
  • Drinking coffee has been shown to speed up a person’s metabolism by 3% to 11%.
  • It is the second most marketed product in the world along with Coca Cola.
  • Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world. Its harvest is equivalent to 30.16% of world coffee.

And if it’s data from Spain, we’ll tell you about it in this infographic: