Today we close the route of the most ghostly Madrid with more interesting legends:

The ghost of Carboneras. It is said that a nun of the convent of Corpus Christi or the Carboneras always went promptly to the refectory to pray the rosary. The problem is that he also did it after he died.

The Buen Suceso Mass. Apparently a steward of the Duke of Alba went one day to Mass, back in 1656. A young lady was placed on the bench in front. When, at the end of the homily, the man came to greet the lady, who was still sitting in front, she saw that the woman had the face of death.

The demoniacs of San Plácido. It seems that the novices of this convent were possessed by demons. Exorcisms were performed, but they did not work. Later, the Inquisition determined that the cause was that a priest had committed dirty acts with the novices.

The devil of Real Casa de Correos. While building the Royal Post Office, the masons were visited by the devil, who claimed that the new building was cursed and therefore owned by Satan. The thing came to such a point that the works stopped and the case ended up in the hands of the Inquisition.

The curse of Valmores. A woman ordered the murder of her husband’s mistress in the village of Valmores. The mistress took refuge in the village church but was killed before the image of the Virgin. The village suffered a divine punishment for the act, which involved the transfer of the population to Olmeda de las Fuentes.

And if you dare, you know, come to El Anciano Rey. We have not seen ghosts here, but we would not be surprised if one of them comes one day to have a good wine.