They are appetizing at any time of the year, but it is still in winter when this hot and caloric dish feels better, like no other. And it is that the “Callos a la Madrileña” is a real delicacy for the senses, yes, if you like spoon dishes. We make it with the traditional recipe: with its everything, do not miss its chorizo ​​and its blood sausage, of course.

It is one of those ancestral and traditional dishes that helped in the past, and also now, to combat the cold winters of the forum.

It’s funny how, when foreigners come to our centenary tavern, who know “a little” of Spanish, they ask if the tripe comes from the legs of cows or pigs ;-). And it is natural, we have a language very rich in expressions and words, and not in all countries it is customary to cook the stomach of beef or pork. And when we explain it, we find three different reactions: faces of “I have to try that”, or of “I can’t believe it is eaten” and there are also those who say with their eyes “I don’t. I try, lest … “.

And those who dare to try it, repeat. And it is that traditional cuisine, which for a long time has been replaced by other more avant-garde offerings, is now returning to all its splendor. And … what do you want us to tell you: on a Sunday lunchtime, a beer or wine with a tripe cover is a delight for the body, an incentive for the soul and a way to celebrate a holiday in the healthiest way .

So now you know: if this Sunday you don’t know what to do, come and take a walk through the most traditional Madrid and sit on our terrace to try our delicious Madrid-style tripe! We will wait for you!