There is nothing left … one of the most familiar days there is: Father’s Day. In addition, this year, surely many of you have been able to take a bridge and maybe you come to Madrid for a visit or for a walk … Or maybe you are in one of those areas of Spain where San José, also Father’s Day, is not festive. Either way, congratulations to all Joses, Josefas and Fathers!

Today we are going to tell you some curiosities about Father’s Day and St. Joseph.

  • On March 19, St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated, the father of Jesus and in his honor Father’s Day is celebrated.
  • The reason that this day also celebrates Father’s Day is the character that is given to Saint Joseph as a good father and protector.
  • At the beginning of the fourth century the cult of Saint Joseph began to appear among the Copts, but it was not until the pontificate of Sixtus IV, in the fifteenth century when it was introduced in the Roman calendar on March 19.
  • Did you know that some José are known as Pepe because in the scriptures San José was known by the initials PP? Putative Father
  • In some places in the world Father’s Day is celebrated on a different day. The 19th is celebrated, in addition to in Spain, in Portugal, Morocco, Bolivia, Croatia, Italy, Mozambique and in some cantons of Switzerland.
  • It was not until 1948 when Father’s Day began to be celebrated in our country. The idea came at the request of some jealous fathers on Mother’s Day. The teacher Manuela Vicente Ferrero, known as Nelly decided to celebrate a holiday to honor the parents of her students
  • Nelly’s idea was extended and the managing director of Preciados Galleries propagated the idea with a press campaign in 1953. His competitor, El Corte Inglés joined the initiative.
  • The United States was the first country to honor parents. In 1910, Sonora Dodd wanted to pay tribute to his father and proposed his date of birth, June 19. President Coolidge established that day as Father’s Day in 1924. Later, in 1966, President Johnson transferred it to the third Sunday in June.

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