That summer has arrived is undoubted … We do not know if it is because of the climate change that occupies so many minutes in the news or why, but certainly this summer is coming very strong in terms of temperatures. We are located in the center of Madrid, where millions of tourists parade in front of us to visit the architectural gems with which we share street: the Royal Palace, the Almudena … And these days, Madrid can be found at more than 40º.

So we must take precautions to avoid problems and be able to fully enjoy our walk through Madrid.

The first norm, and essential, is to stay well hydrated. These days a study surprised us: 70% of people do not hydrate properly. And is that our body is prepared to receive about two liters of fluid daily. If we do not take them and we are in a situation of extreme heat, we can run the risk of being surprised by a fainting or heat stroke.

Avoiding direct exposure to the sun for a long time is also a very wise advice. In fact, our people come to take refuge many people looking for shade and freshness, while taking advantage to hydrate in the right way.

Of course, it is not recommended in any way to do physical exercise when the sun is at its peak, restricting “sports hours” to morning or night, when temperatures are more pleasant. And, equally, it is more advisable to apply sun protection. Our contribution: if it is solar pharmacy protection, pediatric and with 50 protection factor, better than better.

In any case, we are taking care of these days to keep our terrace cool and our drinks well frozen, so that when you come here not only enjoy our gastronomic delights but you can also relax in the cool.