The Cathedral of Almudena leaves no one indifferent. Its mixture of architectural styles, its spectacular views of Madrid or the beauty of its surroundings make it one of the most famous cathedrals.

  • The staircase to reach the altar of the Virgen de la Almudena is inspired by the Cathedral of Burgos.
  • Queen Maria de las Mercedes de Orleans is buried in the Cathedral. His remains were moved under the image of the Virgen de la Almudena in 1999.
  • Initially it was planted as a Gothic cathedral. It was planted in King Alfonso XII as Gothic, as in the style of the Cathedral of Burgos, the Cathedral of Seville or even that of Santiago de Compostela. What changed, was it during construction? However, the interior of the cathedral has the Gothic and Baroque style.
  • Did you know that it is oriented in a North-South direction? From the dawn of Christianity, the temples where practical practices are carried out in the East-West orientation. When it was ordered to build the Almudena Cathedral, it was oriented towards the north to be part of the architectural complex of the Royal Palace.
  • It was the first cathedral consecrated by a Pope outside of Rome. In 1993, still unfinished in the Almudena Cathedral, Juan Pablo II, during his visit to Spain, consecrated the Madrid temple.
  • The sculptor who made the statue of John Paul II is the same one who made the figures of the Valle de los Caídos.