Croquettes are a very distinctive dish in our gastronomy. But who invented this delicious delicacy?

The origin of croquettes is located in France. There is evidence that the French chef Antonin Carême, known as the “king of chefs and the chef of the kings,” was the one who introduced them to noble kitchens between the mid-eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries after serving them in one of their banquets under the name “croquettes à la royale”.

One of the curiosities is its etymological origin, since it comes from the French word “croquer”, which means to creak and its diminutive, “croquette”.

This dish was born in a time of famine in which flour was abundant. They were made to take advantage of leftover meat from stews and stews.

Currently, you can taste as much as appetizer, main course or accompaniment. More and more chefs and restaurateurs who, with their creativity and innovation, incorporate novel ingredients (seafood, cheeses …) both to the dough and to its coverage. However, there are still many who continue to opt for traditional ham or meat croquettes.

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