The bicycle has proved to be a very efficient modal mobility option in many cities around the world, which are being developed today with an eye on two wheels.

Its qualities are beneficial for health, for the environment and for the occupation of urban space, which are making it a common element in our streets.

There are those who say that Madrid is a city unfit to move by bike, and they don’t lack much reason. Pedestrians and drivers still seem unclear that the bicycle is another vehicle with the same rights to drive.

However, Madrid is a city with several alternatives so you can ride a bike taking advantage of the different sections enabled to enjoy the bike in an urban circuit.

  • Green Cycling Ring. This route is, without a doubt, the best alternative if you do not want to leave the city. It consists of 60 kilometers and its multitude of sections allows you to enter from anywhere in Madrid and you can even access areas such as La Casa de Campo or El Pardo.
  • Madrid Rio. This route is one of the green and sports projects that aims to raise awareness about the use of the bike. With the sports and leisure areas, there are 30 kilometers of route that, in addition, must be shared with pedestrians. The advantage of this route is that it allows you to access the Green Ring from both the north and the south. If you access from the north, Madrid Río is linked to the Casa de Campo; and across the South, it connects with the Tierno Galván Park and the Manzanares Sur Linear Park.
  • Temple of Debod Route. Of all the cycling routes that run through the city center, this is the most panoramic and also the greenest. With this route you can find parks, gardens and monuments, such as The Temple of Debod or the Royal Palace, and ends in the bike lane of Ferrocarril street.