The other day we were very sorry when a follower of our channel on Facebook wrote us in a post that had come to see us with great enthusiasm but we were closed … And it was … on a Tuesday! And on Tuesday, a long time ago, we decided that it would be the day we closed to rest. Yes, we have that bad habit ;-). But we need to charge the batteries to give it all the rest of the days, which we open from 08.00 in the morning to 2.30 in the morning.

And between eight in the morning and two thirty in the morning, we have and serve food and drink constantly. The reason is obvious: we have many foreign visitors who eat fast, others who have become clueless and, although they are foreigners, eat very late, and thank us for Instagram for having satiated their stomachs, and then we are the Spaniards, who eat when we can (or when we want, that there is everything).

And the neighbors, those who come to have coffee every morning, the ladies who walk to the “mandaos” of the day pass by here to have a drink, the kids that dying of thirst come in for a good cola, which they come to the vermouth and / or the tortilla skewer, those who come to the table, those who stay after the meal and they “gave them the 10, and the 11, the 12, the 1, the 2 and the 3 .. . “(and we are delighted, eh!) …

In short, it is a non-stop: The Ancient King of Wines, at any time of the year, but especially in summer, is a melting pot of cultures, it is a destiny … Many times we think that if La Colmena was written Today, Camilo José Cela would have had no choice but to sit at our bar and watch.

And we love it that way: we love our work, we come every day with passion to do what we like the most, and we love that our site has become this melting pot. Thanks to you too, reader, because if you have not come, one day you will visit us. And that day you will be part of our particular hive.