And we continue collecting some little-known curiosities of Madrid. Madrid is the highest capital in Europe. In fact it is located on a large plateau at 650 meters above sea level. The narrowest house in Madrid is located at number 61 on Calle Mayor and is barely four meters wide. Curiously, one of the most […]

Madrid keeps many curious things. In this post we collect some of them, that maybe you did not know. The origin of the name “Madrid” comes from the Arabic Mayrit and means something like “mother brook”. Really, it refers to the abundance of water channels in the region. The walls of the Tirso de Molina […]

If you have come to visit our city these days or you are just on vacation and want to take advantage of your free time, we give you some ideas to enjoy Easter in Madrid. Processions Various processions run through the center of Madrid. The best known are those of the Jesus del Gran Poder, […]

If there is a traditional square in Madrid, that is Puerta del Sol. It is the heart of the city. Its name originates in the sixteenth century. At that point was one of the doors of the city wall that was the first to receive the sun’s rays every morning. Hence, the Emperor Carlos I […]

Cod is one of the most representative ingredients of Spanish cuisine and, of course, also of Madrid’s gastronomy. But why does a fish caught so far from our city have become so popular? We must go back to the Castilian Middle Ages, which was the time when the consumption of this fish became very frequent […]

We tell you today the history of the most emblematic market in Madrid, the Rastro, and that is one of the most famous in the world. In the area that today occupies the Rastro and during the XV, XVI and XVII centuries, slaughterhouses and fur tanners were located, becoming a very bustling commercial area. In […]

One of the best known terraces in Madrid is that of El Anciano Rey de los Vinos. But today it is very normal that with the arrival of the good weather any place installs tables and chairs on the sidewalk. This is already part of the image of Madrid, but how was this custom born? […]

The famous “tapas” have become a way of life in Spain. But each zone has its own character. We collect here the most pungent tapas. The potato omelette A simple and very tasty lid, which was created to avoid starvation. With or without onion, it is the star of the tapas. Croquettes Another great classic. […]

And we continue with our collection of essential sites to visit in Madrid, and we hope they will help you plan your visit around the city. The Royal Palace of Madrid The Royal Palace or Palacio de Oriente was the residence of the kings of Spain until they moved to the Palacio de la Zarzuela. […]

The carnival was one of Madrid’s tradition as early as the 16th century. The nobility celebrated parades of carnival in the “alcázar” that today is the Royal Palace. Actually it is a medieval festival, but it had its greatest splendor during the Renaissance. Later, the street celebrations began, which continued until 1936 when the Spanish […]