Manchego cheese is one of the most recognizable and recognized flavors worldwide of Spanish cuisine. Its origin is in La Mancha, a region that was baptized by the Arabs as Al Ansha (land without water) and that extends from Toledo to the Sierra de Cuenca and from the Alcarria to Sierra Morena, occupying 34,380 square […]

And we continue with our tour of the most famous spectrums of Madrid. Here are a few more: The doctor’s daughter. It seems that a doctor, Pedro González Velasco, unintentionally ended up with the life of his daughter by administering a cure for typhus that he had prepared. Deranged by grief, he stole the corpse […]

One of the dishes that can not be missed in a tavern in Madrid are the “broken” or “crashed” eggs. It is a traditional dish that, of course, can not hide its Spanish origin in any way. In fact it was very common in the most humble social classes, but given its exquisiteness it soon […]

Madrid also has its tradition of ghosts. Most, of course, live in buildings and emblematic places, some of which are very close to El Anciano Rey de los Vinos, like the ones in the Palacio Real that we talked about in a previous post. So to help you plan a ghostly tour of Madrid, in […]

Another of the typically Spanish dishes, and a classic in any tavern, are “patatas bravas”. These are potatoes accompanied by a spicy sauce called “salsa brava”. The name alludes to the power of the spicy sauce. To cook them, the potatoes are cut into irregular cubes, and then they can be fried, cooked in water, […]

Serrano ham is, surely, the great symbol of Spanish cuisine. And it has a very long history. Already in the time of the Celts the pig was considered an indispensable animal for food. On the other hand, before the arrival of the Romans, the Iberians already produced hams and sausages. In fact, this was the […]

El Anciano Rey de los Vinos is located in an area of ​​the city called “Madrid de los Austrias”. The name refers to the zone of the city that developed when the Habsburg dynasty reigned in Spain. Carlos I already ordered to build in Madrid diverse palaces and monuments. However the great development took place […]

The Andalusian gazpacho is one of the most famous dishes in Spain, especially since it is a very cold soup ideal for the summer months. Its origin is little known, although it has usually been considered a dish from the interior of Andalusia, where vegetables and olive oil abound. This is why is known as […]

The potato omelette is one of the hallmarks of Spanish cuisine. However, its origin is not entirely clear. Apparently, in 1519 the egg omelette was already known , but it is not until 1817 that the first document that refers to the potato omelette appears. A legend said that the general Tomás de Zumalacárregui, during […]

Very close to El Anciano Rey de los Vinos is the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Its origin is in the sixteenth century, when in that place -known as Plaza del Arrabal – took place the main market of the city. In order to regulate the commercial activity that took place there, a porticoed house was […]