Today is the International Beer Day. This celebration started in 2007 and was an idea of Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, and Richard Hernández. What this group of friends really wanted was to choose a day to meet and that had beer as the main character. Thus, the first meeting took place in a […]

Today is a very special day for us because thanks to your opinions, Tripadvisor has awarded us the Travellers ’Choice 2020 award. This certifies that users consider that El Anciano Rey de los Vinos is among the 10% of the best restaurants in the world. Since 2002, the Travellers’ Choice awards have been Tripadvisor’s highest […]

Although due to the current situation this year they have been suspended, we cannot fail to mention one of the most traditional festivals in Madrid, such as those of San Lorenzo, San Cayetano and La Paloma, which usually take place between 6 and August 16 of each year. Every August 7, the people of Madrid […]

Despite the pandemic, Madrid continues to be a city with an important leisure offer. Music, cinema, theater, walks, restaurants … with the appropriate security measures here you have everything to enjoy a magnificent summer. As every year, although adapting to exceptional circumstances, the City Council organizes the summers of the Villa ( You will find […]

If there is a summer drink with authentic Spanish knowledge, it is sangria. Gathering around a very cold pitcher of such a refreshing and delicious drink and having a few glasses is almost a ritual. There are not a few tourists who, as they arrive in Spain, have two things in mind: eating paella and […]

The Spanish proverb, who is very wise, has multiple references to happiness and gastronomy, such as that “a man is conquered by the stomach” or “Better bread with love, than chicken with pain”, “Eat bread, drink water and you will live a long life “and a long etcetera. Well, the truth is that since March […]

Well, some more hilarious than others, but what is true is that they are anecdotes and curiosities that we are sure you have not heard before … or maybe? Share them and comment on our networks! Our particular Ecce Homo matritense of the Berlin Park Although it is not something that everyone knows, today we […]

We keep talking about Christmas in our blog, and the truth is that we enjoy it so much, so much, that we love to enjoy these themes. Today we are going to talk about 3 Christmas icons that identify our capital on these dates and that make it, without hesitation, unforgettable. The origin of taking […]

And is that … it is Christmas in our beautiful city. Well, in Madrid and in the rest of the European cities. And the world … well, one half. The other half is celebrated, you know, on other dates. And although you think there is still a while, the truth is that we have the […]

The other day we were very sorry when a follower of our channel on Facebook wrote us in a post that had come to see us with great enthusiasm but we were closed … And it was … on a Tuesday! And on Tuesday, a long time ago, we decided that it would be the […]