Dada la ubicación privilegiada frente a la Catedral de Almudena y al Palacio Real, El Anciano Rey de los Vinos ha sido testigo de varios acontecimientos importantes de la ciudad en los últimos años. La castiza taberna tiene algunas anécdotas guardadas que hoy desvelaremos a continuación.  A finales del siglo XIX se ubicaba la Casa […]

The bicycle has proved to be a very efficient modal mobility option in many cities around the world, which are being developed today with an eye on two wheels. Its qualities are beneficial for health, for the environment and for the occupation of urban space, which are making it a common element in our streets. […]

When tourists arrive in our city they are fascinated by many architectural elements found in our streets. But if there is something that really fascinates are the so-called doors of Madrid. They are not all they are, but they are all they are. Today we bring you 5 of the best known doors in Madrid. […]

3 Sep

During your walks in Madrid you can not miss routes through its most representative and significant parks in the city where you can enjoy the outdoors. The Buen Retiro Park is one of the best known and emblematic of the city. The origin of his name comes because during the reign of Philip II the […]

Croquettes are a very distinctive dish in our gastronomy. But who invented this delicious delicacy? The origin of croquettes is located in France. There is evidence that the French chef Antonin Carême, known as the “king of chefs and the chef of the kings,” was the one who introduced them to noble kitchens between the […]

In ancient Greece and Rome there were already sausages. There are literary works that indicate this. For example, in a comedy of Aristophanes – a famous Greek comediographer – the main character appeared with a vessel full of sausages. In the twelfth century, in the Romanesque calendar of San Isidoro, the month of November appears […]

The “Patatas Bravas” are potatoes accompanied by hot sauce. In fact, its name comes from the spicy cayenne, which is essential in the sauce. Potatoes can be prepared fried, cooked in water, cooked in oil and even in some cases baked. It is a typical dish of Spanish cuisine, although its origin is really from […]

In the Elder King of the Wines we create new very creative and original recipes that you can love. Here we leave one of our specialties, sausage with apple delights. To make this recipe you need black pudding, apple, phyllo, candied onion, zucchini, eggs and oil. The first step is to cut the apple and […]

The Fiestas de La Paloma in August are a great opportunity, not only to enjoy its complete program of activities, but also to enjoy traditional gastronomic dishes and delights that, although you can taste all year round, make more sense in these festive days . Roman squid The squid are, without a doubt, one of […]

Madrid pastry is very rich, not only for its flavor but, above all, for the great variety of its specialties. Many of the recipes are typically Madrid, but if we go back to their origin, we can find out that in the beginning Arab delights are hidden, for example, as is the case with pestiños. […]