The Fiestas de La Paloma in August are a great opportunity, not only to enjoy its complete program of activities, but also to enjoy traditional gastronomic dishes and delights that, although you can taste all year round, make more sense in these festive days . Roman squid The squid are, without a doubt, one of […]

Madrid pastry is very rich, not only for its flavor but, above all, for the great variety of its specialties. Many of the recipes are typically Madrid, but if we go back to their origin, we can find out that in the beginning Arab delights are hidden, for example, as is the case with pestiños. […]

Summer is here, accompanied by your best ally: the heat. The rise in temperatures requires our body everything that is equal to freshness and each of us seeks the best way to cool off. We bring you four refreshing dishes to combat the heat that you can enjoy in our tavern. Grilled wild asparagus Wild […]

Alcalá Street is one of the main arteries of Madrid (both in traffic and commercial activity), as well as being the longest street in Madrid. Its construction began in the early fifteenth century, making it the oldest street in Madrid. Alcalá street is born in the very center of Spain, at kilometer zero of Puerta […]

Madrid is a beautiful city and much of its character is offered by its streets, which have managed to evolve and reinvent themselves without losing even a hint of its charm. Gran Vía street is the most charismatic and well-known street in Madrid. Its construction began in 1910 and to make it a reality it […]

The Cathedral of Almudena leaves no one indifferent. Its mixture of architectural styles, its spectacular views of Madrid or the beauty of its surroundings make it one of the most famous cathedrals. The staircase to reach the altar of the Virgen de la Almudena is inspired by the Cathedral of Burgos. Queen Maria de las […]

The other day we were very sorry when a follower of our channel on Facebook wrote us in a post that had come to see us with great enthusiasm but we were closed … And it was … on a Tuesday! And on Tuesday, a long time ago, we decided that it would be the […]

With summer, the famous song made by the Spanish group Los Refrescos always comes to our minds: “aquí no hay playa (here there is no beach”. And it is true … It is the only thing missing from our beloved Madrid. But, since you can not have everything, we change the beach by the fountains: […]

That summer has arrived is undoubted … We do not know if it is because of the climate change that occupies so many minutes in the news or why, but certainly this summer is coming very strong in terms of temperatures. We are located in the center of Madrid, where millions of tourists parade in […]

We could say that it has not been flown, but the truth is that we were not here for those then. We know what the legacy of the passage of time has left us, the witnesses of the history, and the walls of El Anciano Rey de los Vinos, which hold more than one and […]