One more year, the # 8M day celebrates International Women’s Day, which was promulgated by the UN in 1975, but has been celebrated since much earlier. At the beginning of this chronology, women claimed basic rights such as being able to vote in elections, the right to occupy positions of responsibility in politics and in […]

There is nothing left … one of the most familiar days there is: Father’s Day. In addition, this year, surely many of you have been able to take a bridge and maybe you come to Madrid for a visit or for a walk … Or maybe you are in one of those areas of Spain […]

Politicians, citizens and, of course, restaurateurs, we want Spanish tapas to be declared a World Heritage Site. Well, more exactly, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Although immaterial, the truth, they have little: rather Frugal Cultural Heritage we would call it, since it lasts little since we put it on the bar until the diner eats […]

If last week we talked about hilarious curiosities of Madrid, today we bring you the second part due to popular acclaim ;-). Let’s go get them! A fountain in the subway? Surely you do not know the Source of the Caños del Peral, of the seventeenth century, located in the basement of the Plaza de […]

We were recently asked this question … and as today is International Cat Day, we thought it was a very good time to tell you the origin of this legend. For this we have to go back, around the year 852. At that time Spain was dominated by the Arab invasion and Muhammad, son of […]

Well, some more hilarious than others, but what is true is that they are anecdotes and curiosities that we are sure you have not heard before … or maybe? Share them and comment on our networks! Our particular Ecce Homo matritense of the Berlin Park Although it is not something that everyone knows, today we […]

In the month of love, we did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about passion legends … Although it seems the title of a movie, “have them, there are,” as they say in northern Spain. And there are … but what you may not know is that Madrid has very beautiful legends related […]

It is a celebration that many identify with trade promotions, but that the most romantic continue to retain as a tradition of an extremely special day. But … do we know where the Valentine’s party comes from? The origin of Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century, in Rome, which is based on a […]

In case anyone does not know, a corrala is a type of housing characteristic of old Madrid, designed as a corridor house with a general wooden frame, whose balconies overlook an inner courtyard. If there is a type of Madrid home par excellence, it is the corrala. Although there are examples of them in other […]

That this year will be another year … It is a rare species, the ahuehuete, and is in retirement. It is said that the Retiro ahuehuete could date from 1632. That is, more or less when the Palace of Good Retreat was built and the first trees were planted. However, according to the plaque next […]