Madrid also has an important pastry tradition. Some of them are prepared on special dates, while others are consumed throughout the year. We tell you some of our sweetest secrets: The roscón de reyes, typical of this celebration, on January 6. It is a bun prepared with orange blossom and decorated with candied fruit. It […]

As any other city with a long history like Madrid, there are people who have influenced decisively to become what it is today. We tell you who were some of them. The patron saint of the city: San Isidro (1082 – 1172) It was born in the ancient Mayrit, founded by the Arabs. Between wars […]

Spanish cuisine is one of the best known in the world, for its variety and recognizable flavors. We tell you some curiosities that have led her to be what it is now. Olive oil is essential in the so-called Mediterranean diet. Thus, Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, far surpassing […]

And we continue with some curiosities of the city of Madrid: – At the beginning of the XXth century, Madrid had the tallest building in Europe: Telefónica. Also from there King Alfonso XII made the first Spanish call to the US, to President Calvin Coolidge. – Madrid has an Egyptian temple, called temple of Debod, […]

Although the most typical “tapa” in El Anciano Rey is the sweet wine with its biscuit, we have an extensive wine list, given that Spain is the country where most varieties of wine are produced. That goes back to the Roman Hispania, since they extended the production of wine and developed new methods of elaboration. […]

As an old city that is, Madrid has many curious things. Some little known even to the locals. We tell you some of them. So you can plan a good visit. – The Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest in the western part of Europe. In fact, it is greater than Buckingham’s. – The […]

Before the conquest of Madrid, the type of food that was taken here was very similar to the rest of the areas occupied by the Arabs. It was a quite varied cuisine, with milk, honey, dates, and of course, “semolina” that was the fundamental ingredient of couscous. But with the entry of the Christian kingdoms, […]

If you are one of those who like gardens, we offer you a small guide in which you will discover some of the most beautiful and unknown of Madrid. Garden of the Prince of Anglona Located near El Anciano Rey, in Plaza de la Paja. Its source and its paved roads will give you the […]

The street of Bailén, where El Anciano Rey de los Vinos is located, is one of the most important in Madrid, given its proximity to important monuments such as the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of La Almudena or the Campo del Moro. In addition, a very characteristic viaduct is located in it. In 1736 it […]

Madrid has many curious places to visit. Parks, gardens, markets that are well worth a visit. We indicate some of the least known so you can plan a visit. The Pantheon of the Illustrious Men. Very close to the Atocha station. It contains mausoleums of politicians such as Canalejas, Sagasta, Eduardo Dato, Ríos Rosas, Cánovas […]